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Opening Event 「Green Carpet」 Info

8K SUPER Hi-VISION Special Presentation by TIFF×NHK

8K SUPER Hi-VISION provides 16 times the resolutionof the current high definition and stunning 22.2 multi-channel sound.
This special presentation showcases the new world of filmmaking which 8K makes possible and the future of the "8K theater" to come.


2nd Future Line-up Collection of Tokyo International Film Festival

An exciting line-up presentation by all film distributors involved in the "Eiga-ka ni ikou!" executive committee for promoting interest in TIFF.
This event will be broadcast nationwide by SkyperfecTV!
*Admission Free / Pre-registration is required.


Symposium―MOVIE CAMPUS― Part 1

"Welcome to the World of Period Dramas―Let's Have Some Style"
The theme for the first half of the symposium is "Extending the fun of period dramas to the younger generations".
With motion picture Benshi and period film staff as guests, the joy of period dramas will be discussed from a variety of angles that connects with the present.
Guest : Takashi Koizumi (Film Director) / Kazuko Kurosawa (Costume Designer) / Midori Sawato (Motion Picture Benshi) / Ken Takahashi (Producer) / Yoichi Nomura (Producer)
*Admission Free / Pre-registration is required. (https://fofa.jp/tiff/a.p/166/) (Japanese only)

Venue: Roppongi Academyhills 49 Tower Hall

Bunka-Cho Film Week 2013 Official Web Site:

Symposium―MOVIE CAMPUS― Part 2

"Turn Your Home into an Art House―How to Discover Good Films"
The theme for the second part of the symposium is ""Where and when to watch the films of your choice"
Guest:With many guests from companies that support the current audio visual environment, the current status will be analyzed and the future trends discussed.
*Admission Free / Pre-registration is required. (https://fofa.jp/tiff/a.p/166/) (Japanese only)

Venue: Roppongi Academyhills 49 Tower Hall

Bunka-Cho Film Week 2013 Official Web Site:

東京国際映画祭 円谷プロ50周年企画
“ULTRAMAN” HD Remaster2.0 Screening & Talk Show

Tsuburaya Productions, one of the most famous special effects pioneer, celebrates its 50th anniversary.
1966 Ultraman, the latest Ultraman Ginga and Kaiju monsters will be presented here at TIFF!

We will screen 3 episodes from HD Remaster version of "ULTRAMAN". A talk show with actors and the president of Tsuburaya productions will follow the screening.



Venue: Roppongi Hills Arena

Symposium “The Origins of KAIJU, recalling of the monsters
to the core”

As some popular director made "Kaiju" films overseas, it seems like "Kaiju" is popular all over the world now. We are talking about its origin, Japanese Kaiju. A photography event with ULTRA SEVEN will follow the talk session.

Venue: Roppongi Academyhills 49 Auditorium

“Eiga no Mikata in TIFFCOM” Working in film industry

A project called “TIFF Student Supporters,” is a support group for students engaged in activities to introduce the magic of the films to young generations.
The project team members will conduct a recruitment seminar for the film industry for students following last year’s success.
Mr. Hiroo Ootaka from Bunka Tsushin once again host this year’s seminar.
There will be a networking event and TIFFCOM tour after the seminar.
General MC) TIFF Student Supporters, Host) Mr. Hiroo Ootaka, Masaya Shibusawa, Yusuke Kikuchi, Yukihiro Tada

Venue: GRAND PACIFIC LE DAIBA(2-6-1, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

DU.S.-Japan Film Academy

Hollywood filmmaker Chris Weitz and director Takashi Shimizu discuss the critical factors for success in Hollywood, followed by a screening of the film “A Better Life” at the 26th Tokyo International Film Festival

Venue: Roppongi Academy Hills 49F, Tower Hall

Directors Guild of Japan New Directors Award Film Screening and
Symposium "Nowhere To Go"

The 53rd winner of the Directors Guild of Japan's prestigious New Directors Award will screen, followed by a discussion of the future of film with the director and foreign directors at TIFF.


Cinema for Everybody 〜 A Symposium on Cinema Accessibility and
Potentials of Disabled-access Screenings
"A Tale of Samurai Cooking - A True Love Story"

A TIFF Special Screenings film will be screened with full disability access.
Screening will be equipped with the world's first display system, and a symposium will be held with people with visual and hearing disabilities and the film diretor.


Happy Theater Blast-off!

Using AR (augmented reality), visitors will have fun while learning out the Coca-Cola's peak-shift vending machine, which keeps beverages cold during the day without using electricity.
On 10/ 19 and 20, there will be an appearance by a life-size polar bear!

Venue: Oyane Plaza, Roppongi Hills

10/17(Thu)〜25(Fri)11:00 am 〜 6:00 pm
Tokyo Toei Subway & Bus Event: Take the Toei to Roppongi!

In cooperation with the Tokyo Bureau of Transportation, TIFF is making two special offers available.

1)Purchasers of a Toei day pass will receive either a bottle of Ayataka green tea or an original keychain from Teijin (limited to the first 1,000 purchasers).
2)Anyone can register to enter the drawing for an official film festival bag (50 to be given away). Only official entry form will be accepted.

Place: General information desk, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 2F

TIFF Auction for Charity supported by YAFUOKU!

TIFF has been promoting green activities on the theme of "ecology" since 21st TIFF.
We are having TIFF Auction for Charity this year as well as a part of social contribution activities.
We are putting up props and original goods from movies which will be screened at TIFF for auction this year as well.
All proceeds will be donated toKinoshita Forest, Green Tokyo Fundraising Campaign and Cinema Yell Tohoku. We are looking forward to your participation

Date:10/14 (Mon) 11:00 am 〜 10/27 (Sun) 11:00 pm (tentative)
We holds TIFF Charity Auction supported by Yahoo! Auction. You can participate in this by PC, mobile and smartphone.
Items:Props and original goods from movies which will be screened at TIFF.
We raise a fund to : Kinoshita Forest, Green Tokyo Fundraising Campaign, Cinema Yell Tohoku

Kid's Square Babysitting Service

On the 6th floor of the main hall for TIFF, there is a babysitting service called Kid’s Square Roppongi Hills (Roppongi Hills West Walk 6F).
In addition to its monthly day care service that enables families to utilize their services either daily or on a predetermined day of the week, Kid’s Square offers ad hoc creche services on an hourly basis.
During TIFF, Oct 17-25, Kid’s Square will be offering specially discounted hourly babysitting services!
In addition, you will receive 1000 yen coupon for Kid’s Square if you use the service with this TIFF special discount. Don’t miss this great opportunity to utilize this attractive childcare service.
Toddlers’ classes are available for young children from age 0 through to kindergarten age.
As a result of its location in Roppongi, Kid’s Square Roppongi Hills is attended by children of many nationalities, and the teachers and aides are all bilingual (English and Japanese).

Rates (11:00~19:00): TIFF special rate ¥1000/30 min. (tax exclusive)/ normal rate is ¥1280/30 min
Note that bookings can only be made for a minimum of 2 hours, and rates thereafter will be calculated in increments of 30 minutes. Contact Kids’s Square for further information.
*For age 0 through grade school age children only.
*Reservations must be made by 16:00 on the previous day

Contact: Kid’s Square (Roppongi Hills West Walk 6F; Tel:03-5772-1577)

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    The 26th Tokyo International Film Festival
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